Working with a demanding Boss

Having worked with Teams in the private sector and government agencies, we have carried out many DISC personality tests.  The test results when collated do paint a broad picture, that defines these sectors in Singapore. For the government agencies the DISC test results indicates many entrants to the civil service are usually C and S traits defined. However, as they stay long in the civil service and circumnavigate the tough work environment to start leading teams; they gravitate towards D quadrant. If you work with demanding bosses, here is our blog that we have written just for you. 

Demanding Boss
Working with a demanding Boss using DISC

Signs of a demanding BOSS (D Style)

If you are already “thriving” in an environment where you are working with a demanding boss; you may already know how to identify one. Heres are some signs that personifies a demanding Leader, Manager or Boss. 

  • Loud, decisive and direct
  • Formal, interrupting and blunt
  • Lack patience and is competitive
  • Goal oriented (KPIs and Performance goals)
  • Looks to solve problems

If you have ticked the signs above, high chance life is hard or it will get hard in the future at the work place. The question to thrive is how can you work with a demanding boss and survive? Here’s another article what it take to communicate with a demanding boss. 

DISC program discussion Singapore
DISC program for Sophos

How to work with a demanding boss

When working with a demanding boss, be direct and confident when expressing your views. If your views differ, take a step back see his/ her points of view. When discussing work related matters, stick to the facts and figures. No point trying small talk. Deliver a clear message with a few words as possible. So before meeting your Boss, do take some time to prepare yourself until you get use to his style. If there are problems that needs to be solved, do think of solutions upfront, before meeting your boss. Workout what works and provide pros and cons to the solutions that are available. Your bosses may be loud, dismissive and direct, take that in your stride and just remember not to be one when you become a leader. Remember don’t take the remarks and feedback you get personally. 

DISC behavioural descriptions
DISC behavioural descriptions

Having worked with D bosses before, my advice to you is as follows. If you can work with D bosses, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn from the toughest task master out there. If you can win the confidence of your demanding boss, high chance you will go a long way in your career. Keep going and don’t throw in the towel. Do get in touch with us.