Visual overview of our DISC program

We worked with the management team comprising of Heads of departments, Vice Principals and the school Principal for a training session that involved;

  • Getting the team to become aware of their preferred traits
  • Create awareness of their preferred work styles
  • Reduce misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Create trust working towards the common purpose

Here’a a pictorial walk through of how this program went. By the way we used DISC (DISC program in Singapore) as the personality traits identifying tool. 

Loosening the folks with an energiser

Starting the session

Understanding the 3 graphs in DISC personality traits

Common goals

Creating trust as a building block for a team

What makes an ideal work place

Engaging activities using case studies and experiential tasks

We evaluate all our programs vigorously and this DISC program was highly evaluated by educators. They held a qualification that was similar to mine. Heres a tube link to the evaluations.

Evaluation by the Vice-Principal

If you share the same obligation to better develop your people, engage them with a better understanding of their behavioural traits and want to see your people grow, do get in touch with  us at, or give us a buzz at +65 6315 2587. 

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As an experiential learning (EL) educator we can assist you to achieve this with work place application and team performance in mind. Our training programs resonates team values, helping you to integrate a humanistic model to bond people, centred on organizational performance. Highly evaluated by senior executives and managers. This includes programs we have conducted on leadership, service bootcamp and team building training for MNCs and governmental organizations in Singapore. We have worked with the best and the brightest folks in these sectors.