Our Belbin 1 day sessions

Belbin is our signature program that we have delivered since 2008. Trained and certified to use Belbin Team roles. We have delivered this program to MNC’s such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Mitsubishi and to the various government ministries. Belbin programs that we have conducted in Singapore and Indonesia. This is how we start our programs, when conducted face to face, and when done virtually we have an online icebreaker that we use. 

Program start

As the teams becomes less self conscious, the objectives for the Belbin session and what will be covered in the day is shared. Here are some flip chart tasks teams are required to complete. What to expect in their Belbin report, and how to navigate them once they are given. Here is a sample Belbin report that you can look at. Team performance model, addressing “why and how” we can use this session to better come together as a Team. Lastly participants will be involved in strategy planning using the reports. For companies requiring an OD (Organisational development) consultant, we have the expertise to integrate OD with Belbin Team Roles (Singapore, Myanmar and Vietnam). 

Performance model

Team performance model

Strategy mapping with Belbin

Strategy mapping

Belbin team roles, as a concept is new to most teams that I got to work with. What is needed is getting teams to understand the strengths and weaknesses for each of the 9 team roles. We usually achieve this through an interactive task that we can now conduct virtually and face to face. Here are some visuals that will be produced by the participants for each of the team roles. 

Belbin 3 team roles

Task centric team role

Humanistic Team roles in Belbin

People centric team role

Belbin Thinkers

Cognitive Thinkers

Our Belbin sessions (Singapore) are interspersed with experiential activities like what you see below. With virtual programs we have started to offer problem solving tasks that is done virtually whilst working as a Team. We use Kahoots, Group Map and Mentimeter to achieve this. This includes tasks that will require you to climb Everest virtually to surviving like a navy seal in a desert. Belbin is an awesome tool to use for teams and we have conducted programs repeatedly for the companies that have engaged us.  

Team Task

Do get in touch with us to find out more

Leverage on a robust engaging program that we can conduct virtually or face to face. With a seasoned Belbin certified facilitator, who is an OD (organisational development) consultant coupled with visual facilitation skills. Thats the value that you can tap with us, e-mail us at office@teamworkbound.com