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Rapid Team Performance Toolkit

Target Group: Senior Managers, Project Team, Executive Team, mandated for performance within 3 to 6 months

Program objectives: Participants who attend this program will acquire functional skills that will allow them to;

  • Recognize personal traits, strengths and behavioural preferences of their team members
  • Discover what has worked for them in the past
  • Detail, how they will work as a team to meet the mandated timelines
  • Establish norms for decision making
  • Set in place individual goals that is aligned with their team goals

Group size: 25 participants

Duration: 2 days or 1 day. We can facilitate that experience for you with proven results to show. Do drop us a note  here.

Methodology: Use of the high ropes (Optional), low element and props based activity using Lego robotics.

At Teamwork Bound we offer carefully designed curriculums that are centred on Teams acquiring the skills required for HIgh Performance. The focus you see in the Time Trials is same sense of focus required in the Board room. If you have a project team, department or cross functional group, do consider our Rapid Team Performance Tool kit. We will set in place a commitment from teams to see to it that departmental goals are met.

Programs designed by Expert educators

We incorporate the use of an instructional designer, experiential learning experts and facilitators

Certified in the use of psychometric tools such as DISC, Belbin and leadership insights. You can tap on our robust experience of having worked with senior managers, and directors from MNC’s and government agencies. Send us an e-mail,  here