DISC Personality Profiling Tool

Target Group: Senior Managers, Project Team, and Executive Team members

DISC program Singapore

Program objectives: This program is your guide towards understanding why people do what they do. Personality styles are the language of observable behaviours that you are able to see in your working teams. Using the DISC personality analysis system, each participant will be given a comprehensive overview and report on how they react to their working environment and their colleagues at work. Our program utilizes the use of dynamic experiential activities  that will be facilitated for learners to not only understand themselves but also their colleagues. You will;

  • Discover your personality profiles described in DISC
  • Comprehend the 4 different primary roles described in DISC
  • Understanding of  your strengths and weaknesses detailed in the report
  • Interpret your profiles and understand the varied personality styles of your colleagues
  • Understand and value how differences can help in creating a dynamic team
  • Create strategies to improve relationships at work

Group size: 25 participants

Duration: 1 day

Through the use of dynamic team building activities that we are able to conduct in the outdoors and indoors, you will learn principles of how individuals respond to their environment centred on their personality. You will gain greater sensitivity towards your team members. This includes understanding of the core behavioural traits described in DISC;

Dominant – Do you know some one who works with you who is assertive, to the point and manages the bottom line? They are drivers and risk takers.

Influencing – Do you have friends who are great communicators, and genuinely friendly to everyone they meet? They are influencing who weigh in people and relationships highly.

Steadiness – Ever worked with folks who are great team players and they listen very well too? Described as Steady, they are patient, loyal and practical.

Compliance – Have you worked with someone who enjoys getting facts and details? They are described as Compliant, and they are precise, sensitive and analytical.

Methodology: Use of Experiential activities that have been carefully designed to get participants to understand the inherent concepts centered on behavioral preference. Dynamic and engaging we will use a real case study to learn adaptive behaviours they can adopt to form effective relationships. This program would imbue participants with useable skills that they can use in their work place from the training session to the work place.

All participants will also get an original Booklet on DISC that they can use as a reference.

Participants views: Our program on Building Teams using DISC has been highly evaluated and our methodology works. Detailed below are comments from our participants on their learning experience with us;

“Disc for self and to evaluate others , Great session” Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Director, Radium Medical Asthetics

“The workshop helped me to better understand my team dynamics and the reasons behind why some team members interact a certain way. It also helped me to better understand myself and how I can better improve my communication skills to be versatile and adaptable to other DISC personality.” Alifah Rosman, Social Worker, PPIS Oasis

“Learning about self assessments, others behavioural styles and how to deal with other personalities. Met the objectives of getting team members to understand the dynamics and how to better manage others” , Prema, Building and Construction Authority, BCA

“the objectives of every game, reflection time and debriefing sessions are 3 aspects of the course that were useful. Excellent course to know each other from the different departments, Sandy Tok,  Singapore Civil Service

“Knowing my Team’s personality traits will allow me to grow them as better persons as I have an innate obligation and desire in people growth” Mrs Senthil, Vice Principal, Horizons Primary 

” The facilitators were brilliant! The objectives of the course were met and the course is impactfull” Omar, Singapore Civil Service

“Some of the points indeed hit a spot for me” Naizal, Singapore Civil Service

“Engaging session, a good mix of seated and hands on group work” Raauuf, Head of department, Horizons Primary

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