Leadership Development

Target Group: Corporate management team, Middle Managers, Civil Servants, Uniform groups such as Prison Officers, Police Officers, Civil Defence Officers and Military Officers.

Program objectives: This is an outbound program with the trappings of adventure and operating in an environment that you are not familiar with. Highly experiential, expedition centered, it utilizes the use of an unknown land terrain and sea expedition for the participants. Challenge your team you will need to depend on your team and your wits to solve challenges that will stretch you physically and cognitively. The key learning outcomes that we will address are as follows;

  • Acquire the critical self awareness, through use of psychometric instrument and self reflections
  • Challenge yourself both physically and cognitively in an environment that is safe and controlled
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills towards utilising the “Solution Focus” approach towards overcoming challenges at the work place
  • Assimilate and practice leadership skills, its application centered on situations, people and the environment
  • Being new or middle managers acquire leadership skills centred on managing teams to meet the business fundamentals of your department
  • Communicating, engaging and managing individuals towards a common purpose
  • Be involved in critical self reflection processes gaining insights to how operational tasks can be managed, learning lessons from the activities
  • Experience the limitations of being just one and harness the value of being in one team
  • Use a leadership self evaluating instrument that will chart your strengths and possible weakness
  • Craft a powerful action plan centered on steering your career and your individual self
  • Apply the business fundamental of Alex Osterwolder’s business canvas for your Team
  • Use of a case study to augment learning

Methodology: This program design is centered on the popular 3 days training program that we developed for the Home Team Academy, in their advance leadership program. This was conducted for over 250 officers in 3 years. The same program can be structured to a modular format over 1 to 3 days. This program has been designed to provide new managers, middle managers and senior managers to acquire leadership competencies to manage teams. This is one training session that will take you out of your comfort zones, learn quick to use problem solving tools and apply the concepts learnt in a simulated case study. Get in touch with us to find out more, the leadership competencies that we will cover in this program. 


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Certified in the use of psychometric tools such as DISC, Belbin and leadership insights. You can tap on our robust experience of having worked with senior managers, and directors from MNC’s and government agencies. Send us an e-mail,  here.