Driveworkshop - Book by Daniel H. Pink

Target group: Senior Managers, HR Teams & Business partners, Departmental Heads and Millennials

Program objectives: Join our Drive workshop program conducted by US trained certified Driveworkshop facilitator, Ebnu Etheris Ma.(IDT). From the Book written by Daniel H. Pink, “Drive” – The surprising truth about about what motivates us. This workshop outcomes will address:

  • How to develop a greater sense of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose in your organization
  • Address engagement and performance in the departments using scientific based research, shared by Danial H. Pink
  • Techniques to improve your engagement with your millennials and tap on their motivation to do more
  • Demonstrate leadership that inspires, trust, communication, innovation and change
  • Showcase leadership traits that is needed in Motivation 3.0
  • Develop the mindset needed in the new economy
  • Getting the employees to describe their purpose at work and aligning them with the common purpose of the organization
  • Set goals intrinsically to achieve mastery
  • Deliver a plan for continuous implementation of ideas, that can motivate, guide and improve performance       

Group size: 25

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Methodology: Use of Daniel H. Pink book, “Drive”, videos, pre test instruments for autonomy, mastery and purpose, case studies and use of experiential activities

Participant’s comments: “Learning about self through different perspectives (Observations sessions) was really very helpful and show me the path to connect with the correct person. Having purposeful objectives, having ‘why’ in place before going with ‘what and how’. Thank you a lot Ebnu, you really made this 2 days training worth it ” Sajeda, HR, JTI Pte Ltd (Singapore)

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Certified in Miami, Florida, by Andrew Greatex and trained to use “DRIVE” incorporating the concepts of Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy to engage Gen Ys and Gen Zs in the work place. Ebnu Etheris is one of the rare facilitators trained to deliver the “DRIVE” workshops in Asia. You can tap on our robust experience of having worked with senior managers, directors from MNC’s and government agencies. Send us an e-mail,  here.