Belbin Team Roles

Target Group: Senior Managers, Project Team, Executive Team, coming together

4 observers needed for Belbin report

Program objectives: Participants in this program will have an overview and understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the researched based behavioural centred qualification tool Belbin. Participants will use the patented online Belbin Team portal to complete their profiles and they will be provided with a detailed report that can include a 360 overview on one’s behavioural preferences at work. You will;

  • Discover your tendencies and behaviours preferred in your work environment
  • Understanding of the 9 team roles researched and defined by Dr. Meredith Belbin
  • Understanding of  your strengths and weaknesses detailed in the report
  • An overview in the 360 report on how you are viewed by your colleagues at work
  • Application of the roles described in Belbin through experiential activities detailing work performance
  • Application of ownership and taking responsibility  whilst working in teams
  • Useful in strategy planning sessions

Group size: 25 to 40 participants

Reports that will detail:

1. Individual Reports with or without observer assessments

2. Processing Self perception inventory and up to 6 observer assessment

  • Team role profiling report
  • Feedback report
  • Personal work style report
  • Pie chart of self and observer assessments
  • Assessment results in ranked order
  • Bar graph of observer assessments
  • List of observer assessments

3. Working relationship reports and Team reports

4. View a sample Belbin report

Methodology: Use of experiential activities that involves collaboration  and solving problems centred on understanding balanced teams. This includes use of remote virtual session conducted on Team office or Zoom. Use of case study, that is real and utilises issues that are centered on your team. A typical 1 day program will look like this. 

As an accredited consultant for Belbin Team roles we stand as one of the very few consulting companies based in Singapore who can deliver this program for you. This includes use of the patented Belbin online portal with an option for you to include a 360 degrees overview of your behavioural preferences at work by your colleagues. We are accredited and trained to administer Belbin. You can download white papers and reports on Belbin here. Our past participant’s testimonial below details what we did with their senior managers and engineers. Read on here to find our more about Belbin Team roles.

Participants views: Our program on Building Teams using Belbin has been well evaluated, by senior management teams and our methodology works. We have worked with the command directorate from the Singapore Prisons Services, J&J, SICPA, and ROCHE senior managerial teams. Detailed below are comments from our participants on their learning experience with us;

“My general observation is trainer has done a fantastic job in customizing the programme and activities in the morning based on BC’s mission and objectives (Which was a very refreshing way to get everybody realigned on the strategic objectives” Sheryl Foo, Senior Talent Manager, Borouge Petrochemicals

“Team roles descriptions and how to benefit from team differences. First time I learnt that you don’t have to be perfect in each team role” Baha Shaban, Senior Manager, Borouge Petrochemicals

“Very good exercises to make certain points, materials. Your great attitude and how open minded you are. You can create a great environment and also very supportive. Thank you very much, definitely would like us to cooperate further.” Olga, Director People and Culture, JTI Singapore

“Ebnu has been a great facilitator in helping us to understand ourselves better, individually and as a team. He is an expert a great motivator and I have certainly learned a lot from him over the last 2 days both work and non-work related.” Penny Wong, Manager, JTI Singapore

“Dear Ebnu, thank you for the reports (Belbin) and an extremely engaging session. I look forward to future collaborations” Emma Chew, Head of Finance, Roche Pte Ltd (Singapore)

“The belbin assessment results and methods to work better within the unit. Ebnu is a wise and very experienced facilitator. The items he shared are inspiring and activities are apt for us to understand our strengths and weaknesses.” Norizan, Senior Officer, Singapore Prison services 

“Hi Ebnu, Thank you for all the material and the information that you sent us. And thank you especially for this learning experience we had with you.”StefanoJohnson and Johnson

“It was useful to understand the different team roles of our members and how we can adopt a role which our team requires.”Hui TingMinistry of Finance

“Thanks Ebnu, Yes the entire workshop was top shelf and very helpful. Very well done. The participants loved the session today and I’ve heard very positive feedback from everyone. Well done.” Bassel Iskandarani, Johnson and Johnson

“Thanks Ebnu, this training was an eye opener, Wish you lots of luck with the IMs – aim for a complete one.” Mees Guy, Johnson and Johnson

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