Training Programs

Our workshop is typically delivered in a 4 hour or an 8 hours session. More importantly, the design of the training program is centred on instructional design principles, with performance issues in mind. Our assurance to you that with facilitation and use of various instructional methods, we have consistently averaged an evaluation datum of 4.7 out of 5 for all our training programs.

These are the programs that we can conduct for you:

Our program carries signature thump prints of being fun, laden with high energy and the critical takeaway of desired learning outcomes. Research has shown that majority of adult learners assimilate new behaviors best through experiences, hence the use of experiential learning in our curriculum. 

Aligning learning with business strategy

We will contextualise training programs to align them with your strategic business needs. 12 years of consulting experience, coupled with 7 years of education in Human Resource Development disciplines, with reputable Universities…. that’s the partnership you can tap with TeamworkBound.