Teamworkbound testimonial

“Very good exercises to make certain points, materials. Your great attitude and how open minded you are. You can create a great environment and also very supportive. Thank you very much, definitely would like us to cooperate further.” Olga, Director People and Culture, JTI Singapore

“Alignment of plans – crystallise the learning. The business canvas as a framework and strategic planning” Raymond Wong, CEO, Cordlife Malaysia 

“Through the course, I learnt more about myself (my strengths and the areas I lack of & can improve on). I also learnt about how I could spot others’ personality and work with them to my advantage. Thank you Ebnu. It’s an interesting and engaging workshop and you facilitate really well. I would also like to thank your co-trainers for being so sociable and mingle with us during the break time.” Sherish Yeo, Mitsubishi Electric Singapore

“Things taught were very practical and easy to understand. Trainer was very engaging and created a relaxing and collaborative learning culture. Good job” Andy, Director, Radium Medical Asthetics

“The facilitator was able to relate the information to our working environment, which shows that he takes the effort to understand our company and possible situations that we might encounter at work. The facilitator did not just read off the slides, this shows that he was well prepared for the class. ” Anonymous, Radium Medical Asthetics

“Thank you so much for a great learning experience. I think I have expanded my potential both physically and mentally today!” Maki, Panasonic Hong Kong

“I truly enjoyed this workshop! Ebnu made the workshop very interactive and was very engaging. He helped us to better relate the workshop to our working style and also taught us how to apply what we have learnt in the real world. The workshop is very helpful and useful as it helps me to better understand my team’s dynamics. It also helps me to better see my team in terms of their DISC personality and work towards engaging in a meaningful working relationship by understanding their triggers and motivations. Thank you for the insightful workshop!” Alifah Rosman, Social Worker, PPIS Oasis

“I loved the program and benefited the key takeaways in Strategy & Teamwork that I learnt. Able to use the applications at work ”
Kathy Pillay, UEMS Solutions

“We are able to apply that we need to work as a team as all departments play a part in daily work. We need to listen, brainstorm for more innovations and all problems can be solved”
Sylvia Zang, UEMS Solutions

“The team building program is refreshing. It is a reminder to me on how to set goals and achieve them. As a triathlete myself, I see the relevance of applying skills learnt in my Ironman race and my sales job too. Good job”
Simon Sie, Financial Services Consultant, AIA Singapore

“Want you to know that I have gained valuable knowledge and made some essential discoveries about myself in your very memorable course. There was never a dull moment for the two whole days. I truly enjoyed myself and never imagined that learning can be so fun”
H Mira, Singapore Police Force

“Teamworkbound took great care to ensure safety is considered and an acceptable facilitator to team ratio so that everyone had a quality team building session. I am extremely satisfied and I believe that I can speak on behalf of everyone in the company based on the feedback that I gathered. Great job thanks.
Tan Cheang Geok, MDS Life Sciences

“Its an interesting course that brings you out and allows you to practice the lessons learnt in real life”
Julia Chow, Health Sciences Authority

“Even though the games were not physically straining, they were able to bring the team closer such that we were forced to think and work together”
Nimisha Battul, Engineer, IS & S Semiconductors

“Hi Ebnu, Thank you for the arrangement, My boss and my fellow colleagues are very satisfied with the program and they have a great time over it”
Annie Fong, Senior Analyst, American Pacific Lines

“It was a very interesting course and I hope more courses of this nature should be conducted more often so as to enhance the comradeship between fellow officers and the civil service”
Mr. Rashid, Singapore Immigration and Custom

“Dear Ebnu, thank you for your valuable contribution in the recently conducted Officer’s seminar. We are pleased to note that the Officer’s seminar has been a tremendous success with the positive feedback received from all the participants. Thank you for the comprehensive report for the team building session as well.”
N.F. Sutanto, Vessel Operations and Crew, Maersk Line Pte Ltd

“Ebnu brings with him the energy and experience to get teams to perform in environments that transcends individual showmanship. We value his contribution in the team building program that was conducted for the 1st Sea Soldier’s Course (SSC) Sea Expedition”
LTC Kuet Ee Yoon, Republic of Singapore Navy

“As head of the F&B operations, my staff thoroughly enjoyed the training program. The management could evidently see a visible and positive difference in the overall performance of my team in delivering excellent service and exceeding our members expectation.”
Brenden Gurusamy, House Manager, Athenaeum Club

“Drove home the point of importance of Team synergy. Precise and valuable feedback given to the participants, helping us to reflect and see certain issues clearly.”
Desmond Fu, Team Manager AIA Singapore

“The training helps us to see what can be achieved and it is not an insurmountable task ahead”
Audrey Yap, Financial Services Consultant, AIA Singapore

About the founder and Lead facilitator

about Ebnu
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Ebnu Etheris was part of the pioneering team of executives who saw through the start up of Singapore’s first Budget Airlines, Valuair. He was responsible for developing the airline’s Crisis planning systems and initiating blended learning in Flight operations.

He has worked as the Training Manager for the Millennium and Copthorne group of hotels, where he initiated and developed competency centred training programs for the hospitality industry. Furthermore he trained their Training Managers in executing experiential training programs at their respective Hotels. This includes his experience of having worked in the airlines, hospitality and the logistics industry.

He served as a commissioned officer in the Singapore Police Force and partakes very actively in triathlons and endurance sports. He literally walks his talk.


  • Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Technology,Nanyang Technological University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Training, University of Melbourne
  • Diploma in Training and Development, University of Leicester
  • Outdoor Educator Certification, University of Lancaster and Singapore Outward Bound school
  • Certified Behavioural Consultant, DISC
  • Belbin Team Role accredited Consultant
  • US Trained Driveworkshop facilitator, using the Book by Daniel H. Pink


  • Impact at level 3 and 4, of the Kirkpatrick model for training programs conducted over 2 years for an organization in the hospitality industry.
  • Organizational development methodology to impact behavioral and structural change in organizations.
  • Effectiveness in the use of technology by Teachers at a Primary school.
  • Blended learning as a strategy using technology and face to face facilitation to acquire knowledge and skill