It has always been my wish to have Teamwork Bound featured in a regional magazine, that carries a readership of well heeled HR Managers. In June 20 12, we were contacted by Human Resources (magazine) writer, Mabel Tan, to share our perspectives on team building programs conducted for senior executives.

They got the right folks, because over 6 years, our approach is centered in developing curriculum that infuses the business challenges of the organizations that we work for. From CBI & Lummus, Panasonic, Exxon Mobil, our staple clients of MNCs has grown from strength to strength. This includes returning clients who still want us to work for them. Below is one question that Mabel Tan, from Human Resources Magazine, posed, when she contacted me for my views.

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  1. From your experience, what are some of the most common mistakes organizations are making in planning teambuilding activities for senior executives?

For senior executives, the team that comes before you is a robust and an experienced group of corporate performers. In their midst quite easily, you will have managers and directors who will hold at least 2 degrees and may even be experts in their respective field. Given such a composition, one key mistake organizations make is choosing team building activities centred on the activity sake per say as oppose to the facilitator who will be guiding the discussions centred on their learning experience. There is a need to strike a balance and HRD Managers need to ensure that the facilitator they engage holds sound qualifications and have the experience of having worked in the corporate sector in a managerial capacity and carries the educational gravitas that is as good or equal to their senior managers.

Sometimes, the corporate and business goals becomes fuzzy as the activity takes centre stage failing to address business issues in the team building activities as an agenda item. With an experienced curriculum developer it is possible to make the learning experience fun and weave the business needs and challenges into the team building activities. Team building activities are an opportune platform to address the business goals and we have achieved that with the Team building activities that we have organized. From production issues, departmental KPIs and brainstorming to find solutions are opportunities for Team building activities to drive organizational goals. You can read the rest in the article I have reproduced below.

The featured article that was published in the Human Resources Magazine, July issue, is reproduced here with their permission, article_hr_0002.


Mabel Tan, (2012, July 1). Outwit, outplay, outlast, Human Resources (24-28).


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