UEMS strategy planning featured us

In Dec 2019, just prior to COVID raising its tentacles, we conducted a strategy planning session for UEMs in Batam. 40 senior managers attended this session, that did not require them to bring any lap tops. Using OD tools traits mapping and over 2 days using experiential activities with discussion, we got every department to complete a business canvass needed for their sections. This is how we conduct our sessions, they are fun and immensely impactful. We were pleasantly surprised to see us being featured in their newsletter, Thank you UEMS. 

UEMS strategy planning

Over 2 days we engaged the senior management team from UEMs with insightful learning outcomes and tasks. For team to understand the strengths they have in their departments we used OD Traits Map. Team leaders with their managers were also tasked to detail, the projects and KPIs they were required to meet via timelines and use of a business canvas. Over 2 days this strategy planning session was well evaluated too. Do get in touch with us and we can design this program for you too.