What is strategy for you?

Harvard Business Review shared that 80% of organizations fail in executing their planned strategies.  Organizations start and fizzle their strategy planning sessions with charts, ppts on KPIs and excel spreadsheets on what they have done in the past.  More importantly 95% of employees are not aware or understand the company strategies.  Danoosh Kapadia in his article published in X planes, shared his thoughts on what is strategy. Very much liked what he shared and it aligned with my own practice as a facilitator for senior management teams. We use visuals in our approach towards facilitating a strategy planning session. Here are some charts that we encourage you to use. Click on this link  to get more of our visual charts. 

Start of with vision and mission

Your past can help you decide what worked and what failed. As you start the strategy planning session, do get the teams to reflect on 3 guiding principles, specifically your,

  • Vision – Is all about “what” you do as an organization, a lofty goal, that guides you to where you need to go
  • Mission – The nuts and bolts about what you do, and it spells out clearly what you do in your organisation and acts as a north star, 
  • Values – Details, the attitudes, interactions and practices that is expected of you, simply your operating system

Teams need to map their strategy taking the cue from the Vision, Mission statement and Values. Subsequently map the milestones that you want to reach with your strategy. Here are some awesome vision statements that you may want to reflect on and how they have successfully operated on these fundamental principles to navigate the competition in the market and stay ahead of their competition. Air asia mission statement is crystal clear, without the trappings to sound fanciful, but clearly stating what they have set to do. 

Airs Asia: Airasia mission is to allow everyone to fly

Strategy Plan

Here is a short clip on what we achieved in a 2 days strategy planning session, that we conducted in Singapore. 

Strategy planning Singapore

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