Solution Focus Model

10 years of consulting experience and helping teams see the best they have; our approach has been one to find solutions to challenges our clients face. Key words that stems out from the meetings I had will include clients sharing with me the “problems” they face and sometimes the end state they envisage they should be at, when we prod them further. From financial targets, strategy meetings to customer issues, these were some of the varied projects we have taken up over time.

In our programs, the use of the solution focus model, helped teams to visualize where they want to be. What are some differences between problem focus and solution focus?

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.12.11 PM

Key to the program design is getting the team to articulate and visualize what the end state may look like should the “problem” be solved. Use of visual and graphics will help teams to discuss issues that may be unpleasant. More importantly for teams to acknowledge what the “end state” may appear like should things be left the way it is.

The fluffy cloud is all about the end ideal state should the problem be solved. Likewise the time continuum should lead on to an “end state” should the status quo remain. Here is a visual canvas you may want to use.

solution model1

The Solution Focus Model


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