Run and shine

I have worked and ran all my life. The grind will be one of the fondest memories for me as a kid. As a 14 year old, I won my school’s cross country championship returning a time of 18 min 30 seconds for 4.8km at the famed MacRitchie reservoir. The following year I beat the best runner who was 1 year my senior, in my school who trained under the head PE teacher. He was shocked cos I trained on my own. That year, I saw the glass ceiling crack, when I overtook Malek in the Nike 7Km opens cross country run in 1984. That day I overtook the legendary combined schools runner from Raffles, who trained under a National coach Patrick Zender. I overtook Malek on the hill, that was a win for me. Back to MacRitchie again, my best time ever on that loop was 17 mins 30 seconds as a 17 year old in Junior College. Between then and now, I have since ran, 10Ks, several 20Ks, 2 half IM70.3, 2 olympic distance Tris, 2 biathlons and 1 marathon clocking 4.30 hrs when I completed officers cadet school. Every year, its been an uphill battle when I start, gain my fitness, and lose it again when work commitment crops up. I am pushing to my 50s soon, its been a struggle. 

Running differently now

I need my runs. That kept me sane. It provided the much needed relief, when life turns a sharp corner or when you hit a wall with curve balls coming straight at you. The mindset towards running has changed. Why am I still running now? Joanna Zeiger’s book “The champions mindset” was a revelation. The days of standing or hoping to step up to a podium is gone. The only goal I have now is to run, bike and swim consistently over a week, to a month to a year. 

Reading her book, the endorphin fix is what I needed. The EFG scale she shared in her book, was all about, Exercise Feels Good, and let me tell you, it feels awesome when you get your fix. I have started to rate my runs now and this how the EFG scale works. Ask yourself, 

  • What exercise did you do?
  • How long did the bout of exercise last?
  • How intense was the workout, mild, moderate or hard?
  • Very consciously after the workout rate it from a scale of 1 to 10
  • 1 just hated the session, or did not feel anything at all
  • 10 A shitload of endorphins and I can feel the grove in my head

What I have started to do is rate all my runs consciously. I just finished one in the morning, doing intervals at Pasir Ris Park and yes I was fasting too. 

This morning I had a tough run, but it felt different today. 37 minutes for a full workout and I will rate this session a 7. It felt good, my body is less tense. I have started to realize, instead of wanting to go faster, longer or keep up with the warriors who posted impressive runs and bike splits is at best demotivating. If I can clock in 35 minutes each day that is a bonus and today was truly one, I have started to like my runs and I want my fix. The body changes in 21 days will update here on another blog, how this experiment went in due time. 

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