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Adventure learning is my signature site that I have developed previously. It hosts, papers that I have written on experiential learning and 3 e-learning modules that you will find useful if you want to start conducting experiential learning programs.

  • Recreate or facilitate– pitfalls to avoid to prevent a program from becoming a recreational retreat.
  • Elements of adventure learning– your considerations when designing an experiential learning program.
  • Transfer of learning*– here’s a gem. Creating the transfer of learning to the workplace.

Organizational development and evaluating the impact of T&D

I have written three detailed paper on organizational development and evaluating the impact of training and development over 2 years for that same organization.

These papers are available to you based on requests and we will avail it to undergraduate and post graduate students undertaking disciplines in Human Resource Development.

  • Blended learning, Master’s thesis 2006, Nanyang Technological University, by Ebnu Etheris
  • Organizational development(Test case) *
  • Impact of training and development(Test case) *
  • People Development strategy(Test case) *

* Drop us an e-mail at office@teamworkbound to view the above articles. 


Readers are advised to e-mail us for permission to reproduce the artciles shown on this site.

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