Perfection seen with this Team

We have conducted this many time with senior managers in the strategy planning retreats. This task is complex requires fixing movable parts, and coding commands to get a robotic vehicle to move. Very rarely, teams are able to perfect the execution of this task. We have seen the robotics stall, veer offline, and in some cases move backwards. This was the team that perfected the execution, they were senior managers, very intelligent and no other team has ever replicated what they did. Watch till the end, they were a very diverse team,

Team perfection

What makes an awesome team, the execution and team make up seen here amongst Genome Institute of Singapore is a testimony to having a diverse team. From the pictures, you can easily see they all come from different corners of our globe. Each time when you look at yr team and you see too many similarities, that itself may become an impediment for you. See the value of differences, in people, that brings out the best in teams.