The Kirkpatrick model for evaluation incorporates 4 levels. Transferring learning into behavior requires HRD practitioners to plan learning and application strategies that will measure at least up to level 3 of the Kirkpatrick model for planned evaluation of the learning outcomes. We use an evaluation form just like all other training providers. It validates the approach we take in ensuring the curriculum is designed with ID (instructional design) principles. We take all the evaluation forms seriously and for our training program it culminates with a detailed report that we provide to our clients. The report we provide includes the outcomes of the diagnostic tools used. What you see below is a typical reaction we get for our training programs.

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The Kirkpatrick model evaluates the following 4 levels:

  • Level 1 – Evaluation of Reaction
  • Level 2 – Evaluation of Learning
  • Level 3 – Evaluation of Application
  • Level 4 – Evaluation of Results

Detailed below are the consolidated evaluation results for 7 runs of a 2 days experiential customer service training program that was conducted for a Singapore government agency, HPRG, Health Products and Regulations Group. We decided to consolidate the results we had and study it too.

Imag evaluation scoresTeamworkbound programs have always met the requirement of maintaining high scores for level 1 evaluation of reactions. Our training programs have also shown dividends at level 2 evaluation of learning. Specifically addressing level 2 evaluation of learning by getting the participants to complete an online test that was developed on our web site. 146 participants completed this facet of the evaluation on line.

Level 2 – Learning

Teamworkbound also undertook a systematic audit of the employees who attended this training program. 85% of the learners were audited over a period of 12 weeks and quantifiable data was produced to showcase elements of skills learnt were being practiced at the work environment. Level 3 evaluation of application of skills undertaken systematically for this organization.

Our efforts in the customization of the curriculum content, delivery and post program audit of skills led to a 2 placing improvement of this organization in an external survey that was conducted by Action Community for Entrepreneurship. This government agency, also bagged the prize for the organization that showed the most improvement in several dimensions in comparison to the previous year.

TeamworkBound training programs are holistic and carries a signature thumbprint of applying the skills that we facilitate are practiced in the work place. This is the difference that we bring to you in our training programs. Do contact us on e-mail if you want to find out more about our training programs on Customer service, Team dynamics, Leadership or our Train the Trainer programs.

Ebnu Etheris, MA.IDT, B Ed&Trn