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OD tools is a patented set of assessments that provides HR with quantitative and qualitative data to drive change, organizational development and self awareness. Provides for analytic functions that will help HR and senior managers to check the pulse of their organizations and their teams. Robust, secure and data driven for HR to implement OD initiatives in the company. OD tools is a patented system based in Germany and we are certified to conduct, implement and distribute the use of this tool in your organization. 

Featured OD tools

OD Map®

The next generation organizational diagnostics, employee engagement and opinion survey. It’s been designed to facilitate change and propel improvements in the work place. Using statistical data that will pinpoint what your organization needs to address.

  • Gain insights from employee feedback, identify bottlenecks and implement improvements
  • Engage and retain talent better
  • Enhance leadership and company culture
  • Improve your business performance

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Leadership core 360

Leadership core 360 is a multi rater assessment program.  It includes respondents who are your direct reports, peers, superiors and your own self rating. The report that is generated encompasses assessment of 7 leadership competencies. It provides an overview of your 5 strengths and top 3 improvement needs. Your score tabulated against the respondents is compared to demystify instances of high self perception scores. 

  • Gain insights from the feedback of your Team
  • Identify leadership competencies that you need to develop
  • Business centric, that measure business results and business acumen

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Motivation Questionnaire

The OD-Tools Motivation Questionnaire (MQ) is designed to increase self-awareness of your intrinsic and extrinsic motivation at work. It helps individuals clarify their values and priorities, and it helps employers better retain and motivate their employees. Based on 15 work-related needs – called motivational factors – the questionnaire outlines a comprehensive job motivation/satisfaction profile for each participant, and enables companies to proactively retain their key talent. 

  • Provides for self awareness measuring 15 work related needs
  • Identifies intrinsic and extrinsic drivers 
  • Provides for laser targeted practical suggestion for the respondents

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Trait Map®

Personality is defined by Trait-Map® as preferred or habitual tendencies in one’s thinking, feeling and behavior resulting from the unique composition of underlying traits. By better understanding the personality tendencies of employees, organizations can optimize job-fit and employee development. Trait-Map® is a combination of “the greatest single break-through in personality psychology” – the Big Five – and the latest trends in questionnaire design.

  • Fast and accurate: Trait-Map® uses an innovative, forced-choice questionnaire format that takes about 15 – 20 minutes to complete, yet you get a detailed personality profile consisting 25 traits!
  • The personality model is based on the Big Five model, which is the most widely accepted personality framework since the 1990’s.
  • It measures 25 work-related personality tendencies (5 traits in each one of the Big Five dimensions) 

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Mental Health

Health meets Work™ originates from the realization that employee health and organizational performance are highly interconnected. An obvious connection would be for example that healthy employees tend to be more productive than employees who often take sick leave. But the connection runs much deeper. A suboptimal, inefficient process not only makes the organization less efficient and less profitable but also increases employee stress. We owe it to our employees to make sure they passionately thrive in the work they do. 

  • Mental Health Risk assessment according to ISO 10075
  • Health meets Work™ is an anonymous survey which consists of 86 questionnaire items. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • The value of Health meets Work™ lies in its highly applicable, intuitive reports and advanced organization modeling and analytic functions

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How the OD-tools® platform work

Technical Advantage

  • Instant use: your projects can be ready to go in 1 or 2 hours. No long learning curves, the system is intuitive and easy to learn.
  • All-in-One: the OD-Tools® platform allows you to manage all your organizational and talent management assessments in one central application. Only one system to learn, only one password to remember.
  • Deploy anywhere: multi-language support is built in from the ground up, not just as an afterthought.
  • Mobile friendly: most assessments and surveys can be completed on smart-phones. 

Secure Data Management

  • Response management: you probably understand the importance of saving all participant responses, even partial responses. Our “InstantSave” Questionnaire Technology captures and instantly preserves all data, so no responses get wasted.
  • Report management: generate instant reports seconds after participants finish their tests or questionnaires.
  • Data safety: best practices for data protection, privacy, and confidentiality. We can satisfy the strictest requirements of EU Clients as well.

Business Support

  • System roles and security: set up customized data access rights to suit the needs of any size organization or number and level of system users.
  • Control costs: pay only for what you use. Charges are based on the number of downloaded reports. It’s easy to self-manage and control. Scale up or down anytime.
  • Up-time: guaranteed 99.9%. We operate on industry-leading, global, cloud-hosting data centers, ensuring high availability and ability to scale at will.  Automatic daily snapshots and a proprietary backup system minimize any risk of data loss.

OD Tools designed by Industry experts

Online tools were developed by Gabor Nagy, Friedemann Demmer, Vivian Guo (Ph.D.), Fang Hua (Ph.D.), Daniel Smith, in cooperation with developers from Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre: Kaori Takenaka (Ph.D.), Fiona Chan (Ph.D.), and Michal Kosinski (Ph.D.).

Do get it touch with us, distributor, partner and facilitators for OD-Tools®,, call Ebnu: +65 97471498