My role as a facilitator requires me to read a lot. In fact, my appetite for reading is usually centred on reading research papers, and on topics that catered to my craft as an experiential learning educator. On my last trip to India, I ended up with a luggage full of books that I bought in Chennai; for some strange reason the books were so much cheaper there, then what it costs in Singapore. Month after month, my library grew, for some books were so good they supplemented by research on Team dynamics and performance. Here are the books that I have read and some I intend to read;

My reading list

The books I bought became my companion until I found the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle was a joy as my reading habits increased  voraciously. I bought my kindle last year in October and it has been a year now. I have started to read my ebooks with unquenchable appetite. Even when I drive, I had it by my side, reading a paragraph or two at the traffic light stops. I loved it. It became my friend that I cannot do without; at meetings when we had to wait or standing in line waiting to be served. More often then not, folks who see me with the kindle became curious and then surprised when I showed them my Kindle, letting them fiddle with it. For the folks who live in Singapore, their common gripe;” hey I heard we are not able to buy books with the Kindle and there is a need to buy vouchers, to purchase books and of course the Kindle too, that you cannot get with the Singapore Amazon account”. Well to all of you who asked me how I have done it, this blog is for you if you intend to purchase your Kindle and use it Singapore.

The Amazon Kindle

Here’s a no brainer, you will need an Amazon account. You can get one with a valid credit card number and all the nuances that goes with it. If you already have an Amazon account, you will be required to update a second address. Specifically a US address if you want to buy a kindle or a kindle ebook.  You can get a US postal address from the Singapore’ vpost, here is the link to register yourself. That is all you need to do and you are on your way to hours of reading that will make the walk to the library a chore.

You can download both free ebooks and ebooks at prices that is 20% below what it is worth in hard cover and you can do it with just one click. If you intend to purchase a Kindle, get the one with the wireless features cos the 3G version will not work here. You need to get the Kindle delivered to the Vpost US address who will then deliver it to you here in Singapore. Imagine the trees that you will be saving. Technical support for your Kindle is a plus and all you need to do is to just skype to sort out the technicalities if you have any.

That is how I have read my books and the collection of my ebooks is growing month to month. Unlike the IPAD, I only charge my Kindle once a month. You can read about Kindle features on the Amazon website and even in the outdoors, I don’t squint to read my ebooks ;}