Going out of your comfort zones

We completed a program designed specifically for middle managers. We started off with “purpose”. Dan Pink in his book, “Drive” shared the 3 building blocks towards bringing engagement at the work place. Specifically;




A mix of using experiential activities indoors and use of a high elements ropes course was used in this program. As oppose to throwing participants into relentless bouts of activities, we covered 4 activities in 1 day.

We captured what the participants had say about their experience on the high elements.

Program overall was well evaluated. We ensured we did not lump ourselves into a hole, where we just ran one activity after another. Rather, we ensured:

  • Critical academic findings on managing teams were shared
  • Related the session to the “Purpose” slate of the organization
  • Facilitated the meaning behind going out of the “comfort zones”
  • Participants got to reflect on their leadership styles and attributes whilst planning their own development plans

This is what one participant had to say. 

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