Finding your purpose


When companies set their vision and mission statements, many a times they are able to articulate what they offer and how their services are extended to you. Very rarely, you will ever get to read why they are doing what they do. Likewise as a business owner are you able to articulate why you have set up the business you have built? Then again, as an employee, are you able to detail with clarity why you do the job you are doing?

As a facilitator, I ask this question to teams that I get to work with. Why do you come to work everyday? The most common reply I get, is that they came to work to earn “money”. Money is part of the picture, but inherently we do more then come to work for the money it pays. We want to earn a decent income so that we can pay for the house, we need that income to ensure the needs for the children is taken care of and more importantly we have threaded the chosen profession to find meaning in the work we do. The last part resonates a lot with people, when they are able to align their purpose at the workplace with their “why”. The Golden circle, is the work done by Simon Sinek. Many a times as employees, we are able to explain, what we do at work and how we do it, it’s the why that takes a lot to figure out. 

Finding purpose

The outer section of the “Golden circle”, WHAT, corresponds to the outer section of the brain, Neocotex. The outer section of the brain, that most people are really good at when it comes to being analytical and making rational decision. We use the neocortex to make sense of data, patterns and make quick judgments. The middle 2 sections of the Golden circle, the WHY and HOW, correspond to the limbic section of the brain. This is the part of the brain, that will deal with feelings, making decisions and how we behave. This is also where the “Gut feelings” comes from. Because we deal with abstract issues, feelings becomes harder to articulate into words. It helps when this process can be facilitated in a program that we conduct in our DRiveworkshops. 

Daniel H. Pink in his book, shares the 3 fundamental blocks that brings about engagement at the workplace.

  • Purpose
  • Mastery
  • Autonomy

The critical block starts with Purpose, and getting individual and teams to start articulating what is their Purpose, starts with the “whys”. We recently completed a training program with Panasonic’s young talents. A training session incorprating “DRIVE” goes a long way for your talents to find the purpose they seek at the work place. For a training session with a US trained, “DRIVE” certified facilitator, do get in touch with us. More about this program on this link;

If you are exploring how you can develop your talents, using DRIVE as a curricula backbone, do contact us. Ebnu Etheris, is a handful of certified trainers, trained in the US to help companies apply “DRIVE” in their organizations. Trained and certified in using Dan H. Pink book methodology, citing the examples in the book “DRIVE”. Get purpose, kicking in your workplace, mastery and satisfaction will follow suite.