Face to Face session for Ministry

Participant booklet

This is the program that we conducted, that involved senior officers. The components of this session included having a DISC personality test and Dan H. Pink concepts on Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery. 

Excited to share what we will cover in this 1 day session. Participants got their own DISC report as well. 

Program booklet

Every participant gets a booklet that covered critical concepts I shared and facilitated. 

DISC with DRive, is a popular program that we have been conducting. DISC covers elements of understanding yourself using the DISC personality profiling instrument. Whilst, DRIVE covered critical concepts on what it takes to motivate employees in the work place. 2nd of July Kate Morgan writing for the BBC reported Microsoft survey with Global workers, indicated that 41% of the employees were considering quitting their jobs, or changing. Some economists have described this as the “Great resignation” the result of the pandemic and employees revisiting their core beliefs and purpose towards what they want to do. 

Getting into flow

This pandemic, has opened up a pandora box, on how employees have been treated. As companies huddle down with mass layoffs, employees left to fight the battle would have witnessed the mayhem of losing folks they knew. It would have been a missed opportunity if you had mismanaged your approach towards managing your employees. This pandemic would also have brought about long term change to the work place. Employees value how you treat them and others during trying times. Its time for companies to invest in employees well being, development, paying fair wages and opportunities. Failing which when COVID recedes you stand the good chance of losing your good employees too.