Covid Impact on the Travel Industry

Golden Mile complex sits as a transnational hub at Beach road. Many of our memories of the Golden Mile Complex is the hustle and bustle of the coaches and travelers purchasing tickers to go up north be it Malaysia or as far as Thailand. Its a busy place to say the least. It’s End of September 2020, the pictures you see details the impact of the cross boundary travel industry as the countries locked down their borders. 

Golden Mile Complex from link bridge

Beach road

Steps up to the travel coaches shops

Taxi stand at Beach road

Coaches have stopped

Coaches stopped

Not a single shop opened

All shops closed

The impact of Covid 19 especially on trans national travel industry has been brutal and hard. High chance many of these companies may have buckled and closed for good. Covid 19 has gone out of its way to teach companies to stay prudent when times were good and robust. The key lesson here, is to ensure funds earned in profitable years are prudently saved when businesses were robust.