Struggling teams – assessing communication styles

Ever had the moment where, the team is struggling to understand what their Team leaders is trying to say? For instance you have a team of senior managers and the CEO is struggling to set his messages across and the team vice versa is reeling in fear, wondering why we are not communicating well enough. Using DISC to unravel the communication styles is a step forward towards creating a functional performing team. Here is an approach that you can adopt. DISC, is a behavioural assessment tool that also incorporates, the measure of your communication styles. 

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Communication style of D

Here’s what a dominant boss will expect from everyone. For a start his approach towards communicating with you, is one that is centred on tasks and getting things done. Should you be giving a presentation, he (D style boss) feels its his every right to stop you at any point to clarify. In fact, he usually speaks his mind and it may sound curt, undiplomatic and rude at its very worst. As a team member what approach can you take to communicate with a boss who exhibits a D style of communications;

  • Be brief and to the point
  • If you have to share a negative or a point that is not aligned with your D style boss, say as it is and don’t dance around explaining why you are saying it. This is where you should thread very carefully, stick to facts and numbers
  • Listen to your Boss and listen well 
  • Don’t get muddled in chit chats, jokes, stories, or small talk
  • Be competent in what you are doing and what you are talking about
  • Lasty don’t take the criticisms personally, my own experience in the corporate world, D bosses will not usually bear a grudge, on you as a person, its all about tasks and getting things done. 

When expectation are not met. D bosses can become irritable, impatient and critical. They have the tendency to wish that everyone in the team is just like them, being a go getter, solving problems and getting things done, ASAP. 

DISC communications styles
DISC communication styles

Improve your communication skills, by leveraging on DISC. Learn to recognise, why individuals communicate the way they do and how you can better adopt reciprocal style of communication with your bosses, team members and customers. Do get in touch with us at, for a DISC training session delivered by experienced practitioners who have worked with a diverse range of teams.