Finding happiness

Finding happiness I am looking out of my window, I can see the branches swaying with leaves beckoning back and forth. The tree seemed at peace, stoic, raking in the morning sun whilst providing the shade and greenery I appreciate so much. I used [...]

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Failing a Colonel and his friend

Failing a Colonel and his Friend A few years ago I took up an adjunct lecturing position in a public institution. The topics I taught ranged from Instructional design to training needs analysis. One aspect of my responsibilities entailed assessing assignments for a certification program adult [...]

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Keeping it SAFE

The phone rings double quick time, and here I am literally taking a dive to pick that call up. On the other line it’s a call from the Defence services, and the e-mail that I got requesting for a Team building program came from [...]

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Pushing past your very best

Every saturday afternoon at Punggol Park, my son embarks on a training program with Coach KK from Team Sapphire. The training sessions are usually tough and it gets tougher on the parents when they see their children competing with one another in training. Usually it [...]

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