Innovate and Implement, Team building session

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I have always admired Dr. Scott Simmerman for the work he does with Teams in Team building. We have just purchased PMC's new Innovate & Implement game and we wanted to share a few thoughts on why it works to energize innovation -- and why it is very [...]

Program: Strategy Planning – Crafting your vision and mission

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Target Group: Senior Managers, Project Team, and Executive Team members Crafting the mission Program objectives: Principles and values are the bedrock of how we relate to different circumstances and trials we face day to day. Likewise the vision and mission statement will provide a direction [...]

Program: Belbin High Performing Teams

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Team building program that we can conduct in Singapore and Asia Pacific region using the patented Belbin team roles. We are accredited to use Belbin in Singapore and we deliver this training program with organizational performance in mind.