Case study Bridgewater – How they avoid groupthink

Bridgewater associates was the company Adam Grant cited in his book "Originals" who very much cut across the grind to avoid groupthink. Here is a company founded in 1975, with their HQ based in Connecticut, handles 170 billion dollars in investment funds. The [...]

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Valuair Airlines – from flying high to abandoning ship

We started with pomp and pageantry. We had in place a formidable team of pilots that I got to know. I was hired in as the Manager for Crisis Planning and training in flight ops, was [...]

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Communication styles for struggling Teams

Struggling teams - assessing communication styles Ever had the moment where, the team is struggling to understand what their Team leaders is trying to say? For instance you have a team of senior managers and the CEO is struggling to set his messages across and [...]

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The greatness gap at the work place

Over the years I have worked for 3 international companies that will prize themselves as best in class in their respective industries. I served 4 years in flight operation in the 90's working for the best airline in the world then, Singapore International Airlines. [...]

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