Belbin Department Strategy

Department Strategy Planning using Belbin Every strategy meeting starts with the departmental goals mapped.  As you start these planning sessions, do consider an approach that will allow you to assemble the best team in place to meet these needs. Belbin 9 Team roles will provide [...]

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Designing Engaging lessons to Motivate Gen Y – Our Ebook

This flip book is our overview on what you can do to engage the Gen Ys in the classroom. We developed this booklet for Ngee Ann polytechnic in Singapore delivering 2 runs of training programs for their lecturers.

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Strategy planning session – Visual canvas

Strategy planning sessions visuals In our strategy planning sessions, we use loads of visual canvas maps to chart critical milestones, conversations shared on "post its" and views of the people you need to work with to get there. Here are some visual canvas maps that we [...]

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Visual overview of our DISC program in Singapore

Visual overview of our DISC program We worked with the management team comprising of Heads of departments, Vice Principals and the school Principal for a training session that involved; Getting the team to become aware of their preferred traits Create awareness of their preferred work [...]

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3 days and 2 nights Leadership program

Outbound Leadership Program Target Group: Corporate management team, Middle Managers, Civil Servants, Uniform groups such as Prison Officers, Police Officers, Civil Defence Officers and Military Officers. Program objectives: This is an outbound program with the trappings of adventure and operating in an environment that you [...]

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Organizational financial goals

Organizational Financial Goals 2 weeks ago I completed a 1 day training session, for a telco company. They requested a training program centered on team building and departmental financial targets. We spent a month looking at the needs of the team, and how the team building [...]

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Kirkpatrick model for evaluation – Our results

The Kirkpatrick model for evaluation incorporates 4 levels. Transferring learning into behavior requires HRD practitioners to plan learning and application strategies that will measure at least up to level 3 of the Kirkpatrick model for planned evaluation of the learning outcomes. We use an evaluation [...]

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Team building for exceptionally smart folks

Our experience of having conducted corporate team building sessions for exceptionally smart folks have validated the approach we have taken in designing the program features. If you face the challenge of having PHDs, MBA.s and simply smart folks in a training session do consider these [...]

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