Going out of your comfort zones

Going out of your comfort zones We completed a program designed specifically for middle managers. We started off with "purpose". Dan Pink in his book, "Drive" shared the 3 building blocks towards bringing engagement at the work place. Specifically; [...]

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Strategy planning session – Visual canvas

Strategy planning sessions visuals In our strategy planning sessions, we use loads of visual canvas maps to chart critical milestones, conversations shared on "post its" and views of the people you need to work with to get there. Here are some visual canvas maps that we [...]

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Organizational financial goals

Organizational Financial Goals 2 weeks ago I completed a 1 day training session, for a telco company. They requested a training program centered on team building and departmental financial targets. We spent a month looking at the needs of the team, and how the team building [...]

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Engaging your learners

Introduction to gagne 9 events. The use of gagne first event can be impact-full to gain the attention of your learner. This blog will share my thoughts on the practical application of gaining the attention of your learners from Gen Y to an adult. It includes sharing of 1 activity that you can conduct on your own.

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