Typical Belbin (Singapore) Program

Belbin is our signature program that we have delivered since 2008. Trained and certified to use Belbin Team roles. We have delivered this program to MNC's such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Mitsubishi and to the various government ministries. Belbin programs that we have [...]

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Belbin Session Webinar

Teamworkbound was invited by Cert India, to share our approach in conducting Belbin Team roles program. This interactive webinar was conducted for India Based Belbin Certified Facilitators. We shared the approach we took with our programs using experiential learning methodologies. In the [...]

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Belbin program conducted in Singapore

What you see here is a wrapped up summary of the Belbin session that was conducted centred on strategy planning for the business centre. Core outcome includes understanding the Belbin Team roles, the common purpose and strategy plans for the department.  Laying the [...]

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Belbin Department Strategy

Department Strategy Planning using Belbin Every strategy meeting starts with the departmental goals mapped.  As you start these planning sessions, do consider an approach that will allow you to assemble the best team in place to meet these needs. Belbin 9 Team roles will provide [...]

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Belbin – Building Trust in Teams

Building trust with Teams using Belbin is a program that we conduct in Singapore. This program targeting provides the use of a robust team roles profiling tool, Belbin and use of active learning to engage learners.

Understanding Belbin Team Roles

We have described how we have used Belbin as a profiling tool that evaluates behavioural preferences at the work place. The use of 9 roles inherent in Belbin is described here. As a certified Belbin Team roles facilitator in Singapore, we incorporate this robust instrument for you and your organization.

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Program: Belbin High Performing Teams

Team building program that we can conduct in Singapore and Asia Pacific region using the patented Belbin team roles. We are accredited to use Belbin in Singapore and we deliver this training program with organizational performance in mind.

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