Reflect, re-visit and apply

This part of the program will cover the key aspects of the training session that all of you attended. What I have included here are the key points and the inputs of the group activities. Key topics that are addressed will include;

  • Gen Y, the paper from MINDEF, Simon Sinek’s Youtube clip on the millennials
  • Connect, the summary of 3 points technique that you can use, your collective inputs and practice session at your own free time
  • DISC, Your unique distribution of profiles amongst the instructor pilots

This is the follow up session on line.  

Gen Y the millennials

During the session we shared the findings from the research paper conducted by Mindef, Understanding the Millennial Generation: Developing a more effective workforce for the future SAF. Key findings will describe the millennials as;

  • The most educated group compared to the preceding generations
  • More adaptive and learn faster
  • Intrinsically motivated and optimistic generation fostered by economic prosperity
  • Strong need to understand the meaning of their work
  • Want to know reasons and intent of an instruction before carrying it out
  • Inclined towards “relationship-oriented leaders”
  • Commanders should learn to adapt their intangible leadership styles towards being caring and inspirational figures 
  • This does not imply discarding the authoritative “command and control” style that is necessary in a hierarchy centric environments  

90 seconds to connect


  • Choose an attractive attitude
  • Embrace an attitude that is welcoming, curious and enthusiastic

Send the right signals

  • Look people in the eye and smile
  • Point your heart towards them
  • Synchronise body lanaguage
  • And pace of speech

Get them talking

  • Get them to talk by asking open ended questions
  • Be authentic and sincere

Starts with a statement or a question

The statement you want to make, has to be prepared and it includes authenticity

  • The statement is all about the person
  • Anything that is light hearted, sincere and positive

Connect Task

It takes quite a bit to connect with total strangers. Acquiring this skill helps you in making the best out of the interactions you have with the person. When you are able to connect well with total strangers with whom you are going to make a purchase, high chance you will get a good deal. As a task do consider connecting across any of the following scenarios;

  • Connect with a seller at Sim Lim square to make a purchase of any computer related product
  • Make a purchase at a shop
  • Purchase food at a hawker centre

What was your experience like for any of the 3 tasks? Were you able to put into practice the “connect techniques”. What were you able to find out about the person you interacted with? 

DISC profile distribution (Common)





DISC types and its implications

The DISC personality traits is an indicator of your preferred traits at work at this point in time. Moreover, we exhibit all the 4 traits and have the capability of acquiring behavioural traits apparent in the other quadrants. Why we gravitate towards one or the other is a result of the requirements of the work responsibilities at that point of your career timeline. Cognitively we are adaptive, more so for individuals who have acquired success and mastery in their chosen profession. Hence, the final high score of your DISC traits is not a limiting factor, but rather a poignant feedback that suggests where you are at.  

Studies, carried out on personality traits and work, have suggested, that what you do at work will shape your identity and personality traits.

DISC highest profile score






Direct, Results driven and Competitive

Control – Let them feel in charge of the projects

Change – Give them challenging tasks

Power – Provide them with authority over team members

Results – Provide plenty of opportunities for accomplishment 


Adaptive, Loyal and Team player

Security – Provide stable, unchanging and safe environment

Harmony – Routine and maintain good relationships

Appreciation – Sense of belonging and appreciation

Relationship – Support others 


Analytical, Planner and Details driven

Logic – Get them involved in projects using logic and analytical skills

Certainty – Create stable environment where they can apply technical skills

Expertise – Express appreciation for knowledge and expertise 

DISC Traits at a glance

DISC communications styles
DISC communication styles

DISC Applications

The use of DISC requires you to apply this knowledge at work. The workbook that was given will provide you with clues to guess a person’s DISC profile using;

  • Dressing
  • Behaviour
  • Communication 

You may want to use that to do the tasks below, and share your experiences during the follow up session. 

  •  Find out the DISC profile of your spouse or someone who is close to you
  •  Find out the DISC profile of your colleague
  •  Adjust your own DISC styles so that you can better get along with others