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Reflect, re-visit and apply concepts of Belbin at work

This part of the program will cover the key aspects of the training session that all of you attended. What I have included here are the key points and the inputs of the group activities. Key topics that are addressed will include;

  • Understanding Belbin
  • How to use Belbin to work towards to meeting the goals of the organization

There is a follow up session that will be conducted. A reminder e-mail will be sent. Do watch the video and read through the links that has been set on this page. 

3 Clusters of Behaviours in Belbin Team Roles

Belbin individual reports that you have received and read will describe 9 team roles. The 9 team roles is that all of us will display at varying degrees. However, what we consistently show in our behaviours to our colleagues are at best 2 or 3 teams that describes you the most. Moreover the team that you work with can be further clusters into 3 defined Belbin clusters based on the team roles. Specifically;

  • Cognitive team roles – The Plant, Specialist and Monitor Evaluator
  • People centric team roles, Teamworker, Coordinator and Resource Investigator
  • Behaviour (Task) centric team roles –  The Shaper, Implementer and Completer finisher

Take a look at the Team report that was given to you. Do ask yourself, if you have a balanced in your team. If your team is not balanced, what can you do about it. 

3 core clusters in Belbin

Behaviour (task centric)

These are the 3 Team roles associated with Task centric behaviours or folks who have the immense drive to get things done by hook or by crook. 

  • Shaper
  • Impement
  • Completer Finisher

People centrci

These are the 3 team roles associated with people centric behaviours. They like the buzz of people around them and people like them too.

  • Coordinator
  • Resource Investogators
  • Teamwork

Cognitive, the thinkers

These are the 3 team roles associated with cognitive thinkers. Folks who have immense wisdom to pause and think things through.

  • Monitor Evaluator
  • Plant
  • Specialist

Belbin Task

It takes quite a bit to connect with total strangers. Acquiring this skill helps you in making the best out of the interactions you have with the person. When you are able to connect well with total strangers with whom you are going to make a purchase, high chance you will get a good deal. As a task do consider connecting across any of the following scenarios;

  • Connect with a seller at Sim Lim square to make a purchase of any computer related product
  • Make a purchase at a shop
  • Purchase food at a hawker centre

What was your experience like for any of the 3 tasks? Were you able to put into practice the “connect techniques”. What were you able to find out about the person you interacted with?