Target Group: Senior Managers, Project Team, Executive Team, coming together

Belbin accredited Teamworkbound

Program objectives: Participants in this program will have an overview and understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the researched based behavioural centred qualification tool Belbin. Participants will use the patented online Belbin Team portal to complete their profiles and they will be provided with a detailed report that can include a 360 overview on one’s behavioural preferences at work. You will;

  • Discover your tendencies and behaviours preferred in your work environment
  • Understanding of the 9 roles researched and defined by Dr. Meredith Belbin
  • Understanding of  your strengths and weaknesses detailed in the report
  • An overview in the 360 report on how you are viewed by your colleagues at work
  • Application of the roles described in Belbin through experiential activities detailing work performance
  • Application of ownership and taking responsibility  whilst working in teams

Group size: 25 to 40 participants

Reports that will detail:

1. Individual Reports with or without observer assessments

2. Processing Self perception inventory and up to 6 observer assessment

  • Team role profiling report
  • Counseling report
  • Personal work style report
  • Pie chart of self and observer assessments
  • Assessment results in ranked order
  • Bar graph of observer assessments
  • List of observer assessments

3. Working relationship reports and Team reports

Methodology: Use of the ropes course (optional), experiential activities that includes low elements and unique problem solving activities. Case study, that is real and utilizes issues that are centered on your team.

High performing teams do not come together by chance. The Belbin Team roles is one definitive tool that has been used by MNCs and Senior officers from uniform groups. Unlike other conventional profiling tools, the unique report evaluates the behavioural preference not personality. Moreover, research has shown all 9 roles described by Belbin are critical roles required in a Team based environment mandated for organizational performance.

As an accredited consultant for Belbin Team roles we stand as one of the very few consulting companies based in Singapore who can deliver this program for you. This includes use of the patented Belbin online portal with an option for you to include a 360 degrees overview of your behavioural preferences at work by your colleagues. We are accredited and trained to administer Belbin. Our past participant’s testimonial below details what we did with their senior managers and engineers. Read on here to find our more about Belbin Team roles.

Participant comment ;

This is Nirmal Menon, who attended our training that we delivered in Singapore.  (Project Engineer from CB&I Lummus Pte. Ltd.)
First of all let me take this opportunity to thank you for those wonderful interactive two days, the two days which I shall always remember. Let me tell you that I have attended team building sessions in my previous organizations but that was confined to 4 walls of a conference room with much of inspirational speeches by any successful corporate guy, but in the sessions which we (including my team members) had with you is one of its kind which is a first time experience for me.  You made us interact, you made us think as a team, you made us come to a consensus, you made us realize that whats the difference between thinking as an individual and thinking as a team. The team tasks which were given to perform were unique particularly “TREASURE HUNT” exercise – That was AWESOME.  That really made us work as a team and that bought a thought of unity in our team, we started caring for each other during the course of exercise, we ensured that everyone stayed together with the team and did not loose track. That exercise also made us plan activity which can be done parallel along with another activity. Let me tell you its been two years I am in Singapore and 25-Feb-2011 was the day I have enjoyed the most in Singapore thanks to you!!!.