Belbin – Building Trust in Teams

From a strategy planning workshop to team building, it always helps to use an accredited profiling tool that will provide a holistic team diagnosis of your team members. It has been our experience to use Belbin Team roles as a tool to achieve this. Trust building activities alone may not achieve this and let us share with you why. Patrick Lencioni, in his book, the 5 dysfunctions in a Team, illustrated that “the absence of trust “as the core building block of a dysfunctional team.

Patrick Lencioni’s 5 dysfunctions in a Team

The model aptly shows, when trust becomes a deficit it becomes the cornerstone that will breed a dysfunctional team. Usually when team members are not genuinely open to one another this behavior will manifest itself. Failure to trust team members also leads on to fear of conflict cascading upwards to a team that functions for name sake only.  Patrick Lencioni in his book also advocates the use of a robust profiling system within a team building framework to get teams to gel as one. We use Belbin as one of the tools to achieve this in the strategy planning workshops, team building workshops and Belbin Team roles workshops that we have conducted in Singapore.

The use of the Belbin profiling tool is non threatening as it measures the preferred behavioral response of the individual within the work place. The report will show the preferred scoring for all 9 Belbin team roles roles at various scoring percentile. Accreditation aside what helps in the deliverance of the Belbin program is the use of experiential activities, and case studies that we have developed from scratch, localized to meet the nuances of the culture inherent in Asia.

We have used Belbin Team roles for senior executives specifically Managers and Directors from CBI and Lummus and Senior civil servants working for the civil service in Singapore. The deliverance of our programs includes getting the learners to understand the report and scaffolding the understanding of the instrument with the results. The activities that we have designed will provide for small group discussions and experiencing the impact of having a varied diverse balanced team tasked to solve problems that are aligned with their business goals. The pictures below will showcase the goals of one such department in the workshop that we conducted.

Building trust is a critical facet of getting teams to perform. Building trust through the use of Belbin is one signature program that we conduct in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Hence do get in touch with us on e-mail or call us + 65 63152587, if you would like to find out more about our Belbin training programs in Singapore or Asia. You can also find out more about our Belbin Program on this link.


Patrick Lencioni (2002), The five dysfunctions in a Team, Jossey Bass