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As an experiential learning (EL) educator we can assist you to achieve this with work place application and team performance in mind.Our training programs resonates team values, helping you to integrate a humanistic model to bond people, centred on organizational performance.Highly evaluated by senior executives and managers. This includes programs we have conducted on leadership, service bootcamp and team building training for MNCs and governmental organizations in Singapore. We have worked with the best and the brightest folks in these sectors.

Visual overview of our DISC program in Singapore

Visual overview of our DISC program We worked with the management team comprising of Heads of departments, Vice Principals and the school Principal for a training session that involved; Getting the team to become aware of their preferred traits Create awareness of their preferred work [...]

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The greatness gap at the work place

Greatness gap at work Where are our values Over the years I have worked for 3 international companies that will prize themselves as best in class in their respective industries. I served 4 years in flight operation in the 90's working for [...]

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Making corporate retreats coherent

Making corporate retreats coherent For senior executives, the team that comes before you is a robust and an experienced group of corporate performers. In their midst quite easily, you will have managers and directors who will hold at least 2 degrees and may even be [...]

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Failing a Colonel and his friend

Failing a Colonel and his Friend A few years ago I took up an adjunct lecturing position in a public institution. The topics I taught ranged from Instructional design to training needs analysis. One aspect of my responsibilities entailed assessing assignments for a certification program adult [...]

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Solution Focus Model

Solution Focus Model 10 years of consulting experience and helping teams see the best they have; our approach has been one to find solutions to challenges our clients face. Key words that stems out from the meetings I had will include clients sharing with me the "problems" [...]

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