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As an experiential learning (EL) educator we can assist you to achieve this with work place application and team performance in mind.Our training programs resonates team values, helping you to integrate a humanistic model to bond people, centred on organizational performance.Highly evaluated by senior executives and managers. This includes programs we have conducted on leadership, service bootcamp and team building training for MNCs and governmental organizations in Singapore. We have worked with the best and the brightest folks in these sectors.

Active Book Dialogue

ABD is the futuristic reading method, developed by Sotaro Takenuouchi, that revolutionized the habit of reading and getting people to love books. This is done through the process of reading and sharing and repeating that process as you present. This includes, getting a [...]

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What is strategy for you?

Harvard Business Review shared that 80% of organizations fail in executing their planned strategies.  Organizations start and fizzle their strategy planning sessions with charts, ppts on KPIs and excel spreadsheets on what they have done in the past.  More importantly 95% of employees [...]

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Perfection seen with this Team

We have conducted this many times with senior managers in the strategy planning retreats. This task is complex requires fixing movable parts, and coding commands to get a robotic vehicle to move. Very rarely, teams are able to perfect the execution of this task. [...]

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Facilitating strategy planning

This month was phenomenal to say the least. Had the opportunity to work with scholars, genetics gurus and high flying executives. We facilitated the strategy planning session for Cordlife group. Over 2 days, we engaged the regional countries CEOs and the corporate HQ, towards [...]

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Communication styles for struggling Teams

Struggling teams - assessing communication styles Ever had the moment where, the team is struggling to understand what their Team leaders is trying to say? For instance you have a team of senior managers and the CEO is struggling to set his messages across and [...]

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