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As an experiential learning (EL) educator we can assist you to achieve this with work place application and team performance in mind.Our training programs resonates team values, helping you to integrate a humanistic model to bond people, centred on organizational performance.Highly evaluated by senior executives and managers. This includes programs we have conducted on leadership, service bootcamp and team building training for MNCs and governmental organizations in Singapore. We have worked with the best and the brightest folks in these sectors.

Typical Belbin (Singapore) Program

Belbin is our signature program that we have delivered since 2008. Trained and certified to use Belbin Team roles. We have delivered this program to MNC's such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Mitsubishi and to the various government ministries. Belbin programs that we have [...]

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Visual Maps – Strategy and Facilitation

Here are some visuals that we have used in our training sessions. Visual imagery helps teams come together, to achieve consensus. When big picture decision making process are needed using visuals helps a lot. Here are some of the images we have used.  [...]

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How to avoid “groupthink” with your teams

Bridgewater as a company build a culture to avoid groupthink. Building this culture will entail practices that will allow for employees to share feedback openly without any fear. As companies battle challenges from the pandemic to having to traverse a future that is murky. [...]

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Case study Bridgewater – How they avoid groupthink

Bridgewater associates was the company Adam Grant cited in his book "Originals". Bridgewater associates very much cut across the grind to avoid groupthink. Here is a company founded in 1975, with their HQ based in Connecticut, handles 170 billion dollars in investment funds. [...]

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Originals – How we get stuck, a summary of my main thoughts

The book by Adam Grant, "Originals: How non conformists move the world" was immensely insightful to me. The examples shared and specifically resisting the status quo or the default is the hallmark of the originals. For me parts of this book that resonated [...]

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Valuair Airlines – from flying high to abandoning ship

We started with pomp and pageantry. We had in place a formidable team of pilots that I got to know. I was hired in as the Manager for Crisis Planning and training in flight ops, was [...]

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