Making corporate retreats coherent

Making corporate retreats coherent For senior executives, the team that comes before you is a robust and an experienced group of corporate performers. In their midst quite easily, you will have managers and directors who will hold at least 2 degrees and may even be [...]

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Failing a Colonel and his friend

Failing a Colonel and his Friend A few years ago I took up an adjunct lecturing position in a public institution. The topics I taught ranged from Instructional design to training needs analysis. One aspect of my responsibilities entailed assessing assignments for a certification program adult [...]

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Solution Focus Model

Solution Focus Model 10 years of consulting experience and helping teams see the best they have; our approach has been one to find solutions to challenges our clients face. Key words that stems out from the meetings I had will include clients sharing with me the "problems" [...]

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Engaging Learners using an Instructional design approach

Engaging learners using Instructional design approach Consider the varied instructional design framework in curriculum design. According to Gustafson & Branch (1997), instructional systems must have five major components; Undertake an analysis of the learner. Design activities and specifications that are relevant to the learner environment. [...]

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Ancient Philosophers and their views

Ancient philosophers and their views I have decided to pen this post on the thoughts and views of one philosopher. Before I share with you who this philosopher is, the values that he wrote and his views on how we should conduct ourselves will interest [...]

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3 days and 2 nights Leadership program

Outbound Leadership Program Target Group: Corporate management team, Middle Managers, Civil Servants, Uniform groups such as Prison Officers, Police Officers, Civil Defence Officers and Military Officers. Program objectives: This is an outbound program with the trappings of adventure and operating in an environment that you [...]

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Organizational financial goals

Organizational Financial Goals 2 weeks ago I completed a 1 day training session, for a telco company. They requested a training program centered on team building and departmental financial targets. We spent a month looking at the needs of the team, and how the team building [...]

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Kirkpatrick model for evaluation – Our results

The Kirkpatrick model for evaluation incorporates 4 levels. Transferring learning into behavior requires HRD practitioners to plan learning and application strategies that will measure at least up to level 3 of the Kirkpatrick model for planned evaluation of the learning outcomes. We use an evaluation [...]

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