Strategy planning session – Visual canvas

In our strategy planning sessions, we use loads of visual canvas maps to chart critical milestones, conversations shared on "post its" and views of the people you need to work with to get there. Here are some visual canvas maps that we have used in our training sessions.  What will it take to reach our [...]

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Visual overview of our DISC program in Singapore

We worked with the management team comprising of Heads of departments, Vice Principals and the school Principal for a training session that involved; Getting the team to become aware of their preferred traits Create awareness of their preferred work styles Reduce misunderstandings and conflicts Create trust working towards the common purpose Here'a a pictorial walk [...]

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The greatness gap at the work place

where are our values Over the years I have worked for 3 international companies that will prize themselves as best in class in their respective industries. I served 4 years in flight operation in the 90's working for the best airline in the world then, Singapore International Airlines. 2 years with the reputable [...]

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Toxic Managers at work

This usually happens quite rarely. However, we all may have had the unfortunate experience in our careers, when we had to work with an over bearing manager, who spews hate, bullying and wielding unflinching power against a defenceless executive wanting to do decent work. Hence the defining term, Toxic Manager, and how can you spot one? [...]

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Finding happiness

I am looking out of my window, I can see the branches swaying with leaves beckoning back and forth. The tree seemed at peace, stoic, raking in the morning sun whilst providing the shade and greenery I appreciate so much. I used to run races as a kid. In primary school I won, every race [...]

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Making corporate retreats coherent

For senior executives, the team that comes before you is a robust and an experienced group of corporate performers. In their midst quite easily, you will have managers and directors who will hold at least 2 degrees and may even be experts in their respective field. Given such a composition, one key mistake organizations make [...]

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Failing a Colonel and his friend

A few years ago I took up an adjunct lecturing position in a public institution. The topics I taught ranged from Instructional design to training needs analysis. One aspect of my responsibilities entailed assessing assignments for a certification program adult learners attended. In these programs, I had the chance to meet, really awesome students, who hungered [...]

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Solution Focus Model

10 years of consulting experience and helping teams see the best they have; our approach has been one to find solutions to challenges our clients face. Key words that stems out from the meetings I had will include clients sharing with me the "problems" they face and sometimes the end state they envisage they should be at, [...]

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