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Do you need to:

  • Communicate better with each other.
  • Get motivated and see the value of teams.
  • Handle conflicts and disagreement constructively.
  • Bond and perform as a team.
  • Walk the talk of your organizational values.

- Training Programs -


Rapid Team Performance Toolkit

Target Group: Middle Managers, Project Team, Executive Team

Our workshop is typically delivered in a 4 hours or an 8 hours sessions. Key workshops that we have conducted are centred on on instructional design principles, with performance issues in mind. Our assurance to you that with facilitation and use of various instructional methods, we have consistently averaged an evaluation datum of 4.7 out of 5 for all our training programs.

Belbin Team roles

Target Group: CEOs, Directors, and Senior Managers in team based roles

Participants in this program will have an overview and understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the researched based behavioural centred qualification tool Belbin. Participants will use the patented online Belbin Team portal to complete their profiles and they will be provided with a detailed report that can include a 360 overview on one’s behavioural preferences at work.

Team debrief

DISC personality profiling tool

Target Group: Middle Managers, Project Team, and Executive Team members

This program is your guide towards understanding why people do what they do. Personality styles are the language of observable behaviours that you experience in your working teams. Using the DISC personality analysis system, each participant will be given a comprehensive overview and report on how they react to their working environment and their colleagues at work.

Strategy Planning

Target Group: Senior Managers, Project Team, and Executive Team members

Principles and values are the bedrock of how we relate to different circumstances and trials we face day to day. Likewise the vision and mission statement will provide a direction to all employees who come with varied backgrounds and skill sets. We have assisted organizations to develop and craft vision and mission statement centred on their core business, expectations of the customers and alignment with the business goals.

Innovate and implement

Board game: Innovate & Implement is a Square Wheels OD board game.

The ideas for improving already exist within individuals and areas of the organization. The issue is that we can improve our forum for discussing what could be done differently to make things better in the future. Who needs to be involved, what resources are required, how will management pave the way forward and other issues are more easily discussed when people have a strong, shared interest in improvement.

Leadership Experiential Program

Leadership program: Experiential and tailored to middle and new managers.

This is an outbound program with the trappings of adventure and operating in an environment that you are not familiar with. Highly experiential, expedition centered, it utilizes the use of an unknown land terrain and sea expedition for the participants. Challenge your team in the rustic, tranquil island of Bintan, where you will need to depend on your team and your wits to solve challenges that will stretch you physically and mentally.

- Our Methodology -

Development and customization of the training program based on:

  • Curriculum design centred on educational pedagogy.
  • Provision of a comprehensive report on the impact of our program
  • Use of licensed instruments, such as DISC and Belbin (Singapore)
  • Experiential and engaging approaches

- Testimonials -

“Teamworkbound took great care to ensure safety is considered and an acceptable facilitator to team ratio so that everyone had a quality team building session. I am extremely satisfied and I believe that I can speak on behalf of everyone in the company based on the feedback that I gathered. Great job thanks.

Tan Cheang Geok, MDS Life Sciences

“Want you to know that I have gained valuable knowledge and made some
essential discoveries about myself in your very memorable course. There was never a dull moment for the two whole days. I truly enjoyed myself and never imagined that learning can be so fun”

H Mira, Singapore Police Force

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