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Strategy Planning

Target Group: Senior Managers, Project Team, and Executive Team members

Program objectives: Strategic planning helps determine mid to long terms goals. Our program is facilitated to help you envision what you want your future to be. This includes helping you articulate and state the problems and obstacles that is currently holding you back. We have assisted organisations to craft their common purpose centred on their core business, expectations of the customers and aligning them with the business goals. We will;

  • Get employees, managers and stakeholders, involved in envisioning a common purpose that is aligned with the business that you do
  • Build shared values and common beliefs among all levels of your organization
  • Provide a conduit through the use of experiential and facilitative activities to better communicate, the organization’s critical roles in the years ahead
  • Help you craft both short tactical goals and long term strategies
  • Create a business canvas, that will map the goals for your respective teams centred on your KPIs
  • Facilitate the SWOTS for your teams
  • Gain the manager’s and employee’s participation, insights and commitment to milestone goals
  • Craft a well thought out strategic plan by facilitating the session and getting team members committed to seeing this plan through

Group size: 25 participants

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Methodology: Why is our approach different? We incorporate a methodology that will use experiential activities, supported by facilitation techniques that includes use of graphic facilitation, group facilitation by peers and building of consensus. Shared with the learners are short impactful case studies that will include organization’s such as Google, Apple, National Library Board and 3M as a scaffold for learners. Do get in touch with us and we can share with you the detailed program synopsis and the work we have completed for Johnson Johnson, Genome Institute of Singapore, Ministry of Home Affairs and other MNCs

Participant’s comment: What you will be reading below are the comments from our learners who attended this 2 days retreat. We kept the evaluation anonymous and we got back a rich overview of their thoughts.

– “The discussion and games help us have a better understanding of our objectives. The tailoring of this retreat helps us form the vision and mission statement”

– “Help me to go with the vision/mission statement of the department and to be open to changes along the way to achieve the goal. It has been an impactful time during the retreat, where I bring back, with me practical knowledge”

– “Facilitator has effectively guided us through in our mission to develop our mission and vision statement”

– “It has been a very interesting workshop/ retreat. Very challenging. Thanks to Mr. Ebnu and facilitators and his team. I have enjoyed myself very much. I have leant many strategies which were useful for me to plan my goals. Thank you, Ebnu and Team”

This 2 days retreat that we facilitated for Ministry of Home Affairs was rated highly by the participants too. Likewise we facilitated the the senior management retreat and strategy planning for 2 years in a row for Genome Institute of Singapore and Johnson & Johnson. 

Programs designed by expert educators

We incorporate the use of an instructional designer, experiential learning experts and facilitators

Certified in the use of psychometric tools such as DISC, Belbin and leadership insights. You can tap on our robust experience of having worked with senior managers, and directors from MNC’s and government agencies. Send us an e-mail,  here